What Marketers Need to Know about Apple’s Recent Announcements

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As many members of the tech community were this week, we followed along as Apple unveiled its new products. Every time Apple introduces new product developments and features, it’s an opportunity for developers and marketers to figure out how they can best take advantage of them for their own products and services.

Naturally, we thought about the implications of these announcements and what it could mean for marketers and their efforts.

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The Aggregate: Series 2

This week for the Aggregate: Series 2, we’ve been reading and chatting about location-based technology and media trends:

  • GeoMarketing 101: What Is Geofencing?” by Lauryn Chamberlain via GeoMarketing
    If you’ve been following the rise of location-based technologies, then you’ve probably heard the term “geofencing” before. Chamberlain gives a great quick overview that also includes practical application for integrating geofencing into marketing strategies, and a ShopAdvisor shout-out.
  • Beacons vs. Geofencing, Which Way to Go?” by Oleg Morajko via Proxbook
    So now that you’re more familiar with the technologies, which one do you choose? Morajko outlines the differences between beacons and geofencing by defining the two, discussing their features, and then, most helpfully, sharing use cases. These examples and recommended solutions provide a greater depth to the “beacons vs. geofences” question.
  • State of the Media 2016 Reportvia Cision
    That mobile compatibility is one of the most important trends is no surprise – but what we found interesting is that though 92% of media organizations have adopted or are in the process of adopting a mobile-compatible design, the experience still leaves something to be desired. We also found the dissonance between the media’s attitudes toward and actual usage of native advertising to be intriguing – especially considering how paid coverage was reported as a struggle for many communication professionals.

Here’s Why Message Centers Are Crucial For Mobile Engagement

Mobile messaging, especially tied to proximity, has become a very popular and effective means of engaging with consumers. The proliferation of smartphones and how users are embracing mobile commerce (see recent studies that support this) has created the perfect storm for marketers. You can now message your customers through various strategies, but given the ephemeral nature of push notifications, your customers could easily miss important messages. Strategies that employ more persistent messaging such as email and SMS have shown varying degrees of success, but those utilizing “message centers” have been the most effective by far. In this post, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of using in-app message centers and how ShopAdvisor has utilized this strategy to double mobile messaging open rates.

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The Aggregate: Series 1

At ShopAdvisor, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. We chat with customers, monitor social media, follow breaking news and more to stay up-to-date on developments in the mobile proximity marketing world. So, we’ve decided to aggregate a selection of stories that we’ll share regularly on the blog, based on what people in our office are chatting about, sharing on Slack, and discussing over burritos. We’re interested to hear what you think. We also encourage you to point out articles that you think are worth sharing and discussing.

  • Google Says Search Intent Matters More for Marketers Than Users’ Identity” by Marty Swant via AdWeek
    This story says you could be missing as much as 70% of potential mobile shoppers if you’re not looking at search intent. We couldn’t agree more, considering that looking at purchase intent (what users are liking, researching, and adding to their watchlists) can provide invaluable information for brands and retailers that could later prove useful in a push for drive-to-store campaigns.
  • 5 Common Misconceptions About Beacons and Proximity Marketing” by Romet Kallas via Unacast
    Proximity marketing can often get a bad rap for things like privacy issues, obtrusiveness into everyday life, and lack of ease of integration with various platforms. Kallas addresses these most talked about misconceptions regarding beacons and proximity marketing.

Mobile Proximity Messaging Best Practices

The success of any mobile proximity campaign is highly dependent on user engagement. Messaging that doesn’t motivate a user to take action is a wasted impression and will effect your results negatively. ShopAdvisor has run several national proximity campaigns as well as many more smaller, regional ones. In this post, we will outline some messaging best practices and share some interesting metrics from ShopAdvisor client campaigns.

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Observations on the Future of Content at AMMC 2016

“Content is still king.”

Those words were said repeatedly at the Magazine Publisher’s Association conference Feb 1 and 2 in NYC, a long held proposition no one would dispute at face value.  But of course we’re not talking about all content. Content without appropriate context and relevancy becomes background noise, which our brains are conditioned to ignore.  So while its true content still rules, its really a means to engagement.  Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp said it best at the conclusion of the event “everyone is looking for how you can engage an audience.  It’s what we do that each and every day.”

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Why I Joined ShopAdvisor

I’ve had the pleasure of advising ShopAdvisor for some time now. After a while, it became clear to me that I wanted to do more for the company. So, after consulting with the board I made the decision to come on board as CEO. And although I’ve been working with the company in that capacity for a little while now, we made it public today with this announcement.

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ELLE ShopNow! Campaign

This past August, ShopAdvisor partnered with ELLE Magazine to venture into largely uncharted territory: partnering with a major media brand for an innovative drive-to-store program leveraging location-based mobile technology that would connect consumers to brands. Though proximity technology itself can no longer necessarily be considered “novel,” using data science to optimize proximity technology to maximize its effectiveness certainly pushed the ShopAdvisor and ELLE program from merely touting the uses of beacons to producing actual proof of what smart proximity marketing can accomplish.

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Holiday Shopping Update: What’s Left on Shoppers’ Gift Lists

With Black Friday behind us, we begin the final countdown for holiday shopping. Previous ShopAdvisor studies have debunked the myth that Black Friday and Cyber Monday truly deliver the best deals and discounts. After the initial commotion dies down, there is still a lot of shopping to be done till Christmas and beyond. This left us wondering what happens in these final few shopping weeks: when will people shop the most, and what will they be shopping for?

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