All You’s Warming Trend

AllYou Dec 2013 cover

Okay, it’s officially winter, or just about. Time to get ready for the cold — and for the style watchers at All You, that’s just a great excuse for a fresh look at your winter wardrobe. They spot the “cozy textures for luxe looks that can ward off the chill” in a lead article, Uncover a warming trend.

We’ve noticed a similar warming trend among publishers who have embraced new opportunities as they explore ways to take their printed content beyond the printed page.

All You is among the first publishers to aggressively use its own branded app to include page-scanning that brings printed content to fuller life on the screen of a mobile phone. In the “warming trend” article, All You has identified over a dozen products worth a look. And they have used ShopAdvisor to engage readers more deeply.

AllYou Dec 2013

When reading this article on a tablet, the ShopAdvisor shop button invites the reader to tap to peruse the collection of warming items, explore where they can be found online and locally, and save some so ShopAdvisor can remind you about them later. With all the busy-ness of the season, having someone remind you of a good find is just what Dr. Santa ordered. If you are reading this on the web, you can click on the article instead, or scan it with the Digimarc Discovery app.

Advertiser Index, not 8 pt. type

ad indexMost publishers provide a reader — a page near the back of the magazine that mentions all the advertisers featured in the issue, or products and brands mentioned in articles. The advertiser index has a familiar look: a lot of text presented in a single paragraph presented in very small typeface. In contrast to the attention poured into all the other pages whose images and headline and text are carefully crafted to evoke pleasure, desire, or curiosity, the index pages have more of a feel like an encyclopedia entry. They’re useful, to be sure, as long as you’re prepared to enter a graduate-student mode of eye-squinting research.

Martha Stewart Weddings has upped the ante on that old model of advertiser index. In the Winter edition, a dozen advertisers have boosted their print ads by making them scannable with a mobile phone. Using the Digimarc Discovery client, readers aim their phone at the ad, and the ShopAdvisor experience allows them to explore the advertised products further, discover where to find the products in store, and to save items to their personal WatchList.

MSW Advertiser Directory_digimarc

You can look at the entire directory of advertisers and their products by clicking the Martha Stewart Weddings index page above. And, click (or scan) the ads below to see how individual advertisers — Noritake, Vietri, and Jenny Yoo — enhanced their lovingly crafted pages with the ShopAdvisor experience.






From Arhaus to Our Experience

House Beautiful Dec 2013House Beautiful joined the growing list of publishers who have extended the reach of the pages of their magazine with a print-to-mobile experience.

In the December-January issue, six advertisers’ pages include a full shopping experience. Using digital watermark technology from ShopAdvisor partner Digimarc, readers simply aim their smartphone at pages identified as shoppable, and they can see all the products from the ads — including name, price, and availability. With just a simple tap on the mobile phone screen, readers can make purchases, save an item for later, or find a nearby retailer.


It doesn’t take long to find a shoppable ad in House Beautiful. Turn over the very first page and an Arhaus 3-panel gate fold presents itself, with more to add in the ShopAdvisor shopping experience. You can click on the ad here, or scan it with HB Connect app, to experience it for yourself.

Better yet, pick up the magazine and sample all the shoppable advertisements from Arhaus, Horchow, Hudson Valley, Estée Lauder, Samsung appliances, Kravet, Elfa containers, Circa Lighting, Target, Bernhardt, Kohler, Uttermost, Toto, Keurig and Gevalia.





The Butterfly Effect

ShopAdvisor added a new feature to our shoppable pages service for media companies and advertisers. Readers of Cosmopolitan have already come to recognize the familiar Cosmo-branded “Shop This Ad!” and “Shop This Page!” pink buttons on certain pages. These pages deepen engagement with readers, showcasing a variety of products from within an article or an advertisement, linking to online retailers for immediate purchase, and providing a “save”function that will keep track of and remind readers of products that have caught their interest.


What’s new this month is the introduction of video as a part of that advertising experience. And, what better place to start than with a product whose salient feature is a physical gesture that speaks well when delivered in video? After all, if you want to see what L’Oreal means by the Butterfly Effect, watching wings spread is a potent visual experience. Click on the ad to see how it works.


Allure: “We Know You’d Never Wear THAT”

The beauty experts at Allure have a knack for avoiding hackneyed styles that leave little room for imagination or daring (“and we know you’d never wear that,” they caution). In the December issue, they encourage readers to “take a cue from everyone who uses ‘holiday’ as a verb and try hair and makeup that lifts your spirits in the dead of winter — windblown waves, smoldering bronze shadow, and pops of tropical color.”

And Allure takes the time to spell it all out, with its usual specificity with respect to brands, products and unique colors: Dior nail polish in Graphic Berry, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes in 105, Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24HR Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Beach Bronze, Chanel Illusion d’Ómbre Eyeshadow in Initiation, and Estée Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Melting Sun.

Allure December 2013

Readers with poor short-term memory, and those unwilling to tear a page from the magazine, can use ShopAdvisor on Allure’s digital edition. Tapping the SHOP button on the add brings up a collection of the very brands and products (and colors).

This Ad Sucks

Okay, okay, I know, that’s an old joke that gets made whenever the topic of a blog is vacuum cleaners. But, it’s not everyday I get to write about everybody’s favorite hoover, the Dyson. There are all sorts of eyebrow-raising things about this ad, besides the fact that it “sucks” (hey, even Dyson themselves have resorted to such humor).


First, it dares to name names. The Dyson agency places three competing brands — Hoover, Shark and Eureka – in reasonably favorable lighting directly opposite the Dyson DC40 model. Second, Dyson demonstrates its confidence in its brand by going so far as to quoting considerable different price points, with a $170-$200 gap that places the Dyson at the high end. Is it wise to grant competitors scarce print real estate in a way that gives competitor models nearly double the print real estate? Clearly, the creative team believes so.

And, the third thing that makes this ad so interesting is that the reader can shop for the Dyson (but not the competing brands!) directly from the ad. It appears in the November edition of Martha Stewart Living, and the publisher offers its advertisers the opportunity to shop-enable the ads. You can see the experience for yourself by clicking on the ad here, which will bring you to the ShopAdvisor experience, and where you can learn more about not just the Dyson DC40 vacuum, but also the Dyson DC41, DC44 and DC56 models as well. In ShopAdvisor, the creative team opted to take all the real estate for itself.

Natalia Kills’ Outfit Turns Heads in November Cosmopolitan

Fashion lovers always turn to the back pages of Cosmopolitan every month to catch a glimpse of some items that they haven’t seen before, and which may not yet be available in stores or online. This month Cosmo luxuriates in 8 pages of Natalia. “British pop star Natalia Kills is no stranger to turning heads. Here, the chart topper rocks Manhattan’s posh upper east side in stageworthy — and traffic-stopping — glamour. Go ahead. Take a walk on the wild side.”

Cosmo November 2013

Cosmo editors have always been good at spotting and naming the fashion items, and often quote the price tag too. In this issue, they’ve done even better — they’ve shop-enabled the entire 8-page set so readers can shop for the items right now, or add items to their WatchList.

Now, honestly, I’m not sure how many Chromat Orthogonal Skirts will make the list, but if it looks interesting to you, click the ad and see what’s for sale.


Macy’s Goes All Out in Allure

When you pick up the November edition of Allure, it’s pretty hard to miss the whopping 11-page advertisement for beauty products at Macy’s. The national retailer is making a big push with its “Holiday Looks Start Here” campaign, featuring premium beauty brands such as Butter London, Benefit, Tarte, Urban Decay, Stila, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, bareMinerals, Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Dior and Lancôme; as well as leading fragrance brands Gucci, Viktor & Rolf, and Michael Kors.


Macy’s uses the ads to drive foot traffic to its stores and make Macy’s a holiday shopping headquarters for the season. By enhancing the experience with ShopAdvisor, the ads come alive with additional options to make immediate purchases of the advertised products through the Macy’s online store, and also to save possible gift items to a personal “WatchList” to be reminded of the finds as the shopping days tick down towards the end of December.

Click the ad to take your own look at the experience, and — while you’re at it — add discoveries to your own ShopAdvisor WatchList.

AllYou Is Getting Ready for Christmas

As holiday season comes around, a lot of us turn to our trusted authorities for gift ideas and themes. In their November issue, AllYou has delivered on its promise and features eight shoppable pages of women’s winter fashions, gifts under $50, and gifts for kids and for the man of the house.  Go ahead and click on the image to view the shoppable collection, or use the Digimarc discovery tool on your iPhone or Android on your mobile device to scan it and see how it looks on a phone.

All You November 2013