Webinar Recap: The State of Mobile Proximity Marketing and Opportunities for Optimizing the Shopper’s Path to Purchase

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Last week, we hosted a webinar with our CTO Jeremy Daly, Aisle411 co-founder Matthew Kulig, Unacast product manager, Romet Kallas and GeoMarketing editor, David Kaplan on the state of mobile proximity marketing. The speakers shared insights, statistics and case studies into how retailers, brands and others can optimize their product availability and location awareness to maximize shoppers’ product options and accelerate their path to in-store purchase.

For those who were unable to attend, we’re providing a recap on some of the content covered:

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The Launch of Our Enhanced Platform


ShopAdvisor has been busy this year. We’ve hosted several successful webinars; acquired Retailigence; capped off some great campaigns; and been hard at work to make our platform even better than ever before — that is why we’re excited share with you that we’ve officially launched our enhanced end-to-end proximity marketing platform.

Leveraging the company’s acquisition of Retailigence earlier this year, our new version of the platform features across-the-board enhancements to our Product Intelligence, Context Intelligence and Shopper Intelligence modules. We’ve also introduced new advancements to our appNET and our Retail Partner program, which extend the scope and value of the ShopAdvisor ecosystem for all participants — consumers, media/publishers, brands, retailers, agencies, and mall operators. This new version of the ShopAdvisor Platform enables quick and cost-effective development and execution of proximity marketing campaigns, which deliver personalized and compelling shopping experiences that take shoppers from their smartphones into stores to purchase products.

For more information about our enhanced platform, read the full press release here or check out some of the coverage from our announcement, including this story from Mobile Marketing Watch.

The Aggregate: Series 7

What’s getting us chatting this week on the Aggregate? Our office has been swapping articles on FourSquare’s latest evolution, Facebook taking on ad-blocking, and the six ways mobile shopping apps are targeting customers:

  • 6 Ways Mobile Shopping Apps Are Targeting In-Store Customers” by Stephanie Miles via StreetFight Mag
    Okay, so this one might be a shameless plug – but more than anything, it’s exciting to be featured as one of the six mobile shopping apps that’s making waves in this space. The great takeaway from this article is seeing how others, like ShopAdvisor, are leveraging online data and mobile technology to motivate consumers and generate action offline and in-store.

Summer 2016 Is Hot and So Is Proximity Marketing

We’re now into the hottest days of the summer. For many, it’s a time to slow things down, find a cool place, have a drink or two, and take time off for that well-deserved vacation — but that’s not the case for those in the proximity marketing world.

Like the weather outside, proximity marketing is hot and nothing proves this more than Proxbook’s recently released Q2 2016 State of the Proximity Industry Report. The report is loaded with great information on all areas of the market and has a plethora of use cases from all around the world. It also takes a deeper dive into of how proximity marketing is impacting professional sports and events, which present an environment that is particularly suited for proximity marketing.

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The Aggregate: Series 6

What are the latest topics of conversation in our office? For this week’s series of the Aggregate, we’re chatting about what Pokemon Go means for marketers, the power of location data, what it means when people search on mobile, and attention-grabbing digital marketing stats:

  • Pokemon Go: 15 vital marketing insights” by Tom Edwards via iMedia Connection
    Of course we’re talking about Pokemon Go — who isn’t? While the game itself for all of its frenzy and nostalgia is worthy of chatter enough, we’re mostly excited about what this means for marketers and the kinds of doors it opens for others to create and emulate with this sort of AR game and technology. Edwards’ insights highlight the reasons the game represents such a great opportunity for marketers to engage consumers.

Thinking Beyond Proximity

When working with clients, we often field questions about proximity marketing and what makes the ShopAdvisor platform different. When considering these two things – both separately and together – we thought it might be worth posting on what makes our platform unique, especially in a rapidly evolving industry.

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The Aggregate: Series 5

So what have we currently been buzzing about? For this week’s installment, our roundup includes why “clicks to bricks” is a staple for the best retailers, where targeting and personalization can fall short, and why your messaging matters:

  • The Best Retailers Combine Clicks to Bricks” by  David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee via Harvard Business Review
    Tell us something we don’t know. With the retail industry looking for ways to save their physical store locations from shuttering, it’s not as simple as “reinventing” the way that people shop, but instead, it’s more about adapting to the way people are using technology to “search, shop, and buy.” Brick-and-mortar is still a crucial component to people’s shopping process, and Evans and Schmalensee offer insight into the way the industry must change in order to survive.
  • Chasing the wrong dream – why targeting and personalisation can never replace serendipity” by Dan Plant via The Drum
    We’ve advocated for this time and time again – personalization and targeting are crucial to engaging with your consumer. However, Plant brings up the paradox of how consumers say that they both want and don’t want tailored, relevant ads. Confusing, right? That’s where serendipity comes into play. Says Plant, there’s a fine line for consumers between feeling as though they found or were delivered something spontaneously and fortuitously versus being the target of a relevant and personalized ad. Being able to do the latter while making it seem serendipitous is the sweet spot marketers should try to achieve.
  • Geo-Conquesting: It’s Not Just ‘Who, Where & How Often,’ but ‘What to Say’” by Megan Krueger via Gravy
    This one’s from one of our partners – Gravy – and Krueger brings up a good point: messaging can be ineffective if not utilizing and understanding context. Now that technology has advanced to understand consumers better, retailers should be taking it a step further by applying their knowledge of what Krueger dubs “Location-based Lifestyle Context”, or, in other words, the things that make people people – their interests, the activities they attend, etc. – and the things that will ultimately make people more receptive to your message.

The Aggregate: Series 4

For this week’s series of the Aggregate, we’ve got beacons on the brain along with publishers’ confessions of their biggest challenges, and a few surprises regarding retail stats and millennial shoppers.

  • 5 Surprising Stats around Retail and Big Data” by Lisa Cramer via InReality
    You might think you know all there is to know about retail and big data — until you read these statistics. Cramer pinpoints five surprising stats discussing the future of retail and big data, and how data is more of must-have than ever for retailers.

Also – if you’re looking for some bedtime reading on everyone’s favorite topic, proximity marketing, we recommend checking out The Proxbook Report: “Proximity Marketing in Retail: The State of the Proximity Industry.” It’s a great resource for anyone looking to explore proximity marketing more in-depth, and it also features a closer look at our success with the ShopNow! with ELLE campaign.